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It Industry In Pakistan 2017 Details Slides

  • Presentation on Pakistan SlideShare

    Presentation on Pakistan 1. PAKISTAN Land of the Pure 2. • Located in South East Asia• Created on August 14, 1947• Population 170 million people• Official language Urdu• Capital Islamabad• 7th largest Army• 6th nuclear country 3.

  • Economy of Pakistan (End of 2016) SlideShare

    Economy of Pakistan (End of 2016) 1. PRESENETED BY: Ahsan Arain 2. The economy of Pakistan is the 27th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power, and the 45th largest in absolute dollar terms. Pakistan has a semi-industrialized economy, which mainly encompasses textiles, chemicals, food processing

  • Industrial sector of Pakistan SlideShare

    MBA (IRM) students Presentation on Industrial Sector Pakistan. Being students of a reputable institution "Hailey College of Banking & Finance Punjab University"" we are thankful to our Professor Farah Naz Naqvi who sparkled our presentation skills and taught us to visualize the practical picture of the Economy.

  • Industry of Pakistan Wikipedia

    Pakistan's industrial sector accounts for about 24% of GDP. Cotton textile production and apparel manufacturing are Pakistan's largest industries, accounting for about 65% of the merchandise exports and almost 40% of the employed labour force. Cotton and cotton-based products account for 61% of export earnings of Pakistan.

  • Electricity sector in Pakistan Wikipedia

    Electricity in Pakistan (Urdu: بجلی ‎) is generated, transmitted, distributed, and retail supplied by two vertically integrated public sector utilities: Water and Power Development Authority for all of Pakistan (except Karachi), and the Karachi Electric (K-Electric) for the city of Karachi and its surrounding areas.

  • Pharmaceutical industry of pakistan SlideShare

    Research and Development threats from cheap imports, need of change in industry focus from import substitution to export oriented, local active pharmaceutical ingredient 90% demand being imported, bio-availability and bio-equivalence are some of the major challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.

  • Ministry of IT & Telecom

    Pakistan was ranked at number four1 for freelance development in the world and IT exports have increased 70%2 during the last three years. Pakistan, which has about 60% of its 200 million population in the 15 to 29 age group, represents an enormous human and knowledge capital. Pakistan has more than 2000 IT companies & call

  • 17 predictions for Pakistan’s economy in 2017 The

    17-1-2017· As Pakistan continues its march from being a frontier economy to becoming an emerging market, 2017 may be the best year in the country’s 70-year-long history. From increase in foreign investment, creation of Export-Import Bank to likely changes in the auto industry

  • Agriculture, Pakistan Agriculture, News, Opinions

    Pakistan earned $451m from fisheries products’ export in 2017-18; Team Pakissan November 13, 2017, 8:34 am November 13, 2017. CPEC, Opinions Local businesses lose big under CPEC Role of Women in Cottage Industry. January 22, 2019, 9:04 am January 22, 2019 498.

  • Industry Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

    Census data is used to derive benchmark estimates after every five years. The latest CMI for 2005-06 was conducted by Former FBS, in collaboration with Provincial Directorates of Industries and Bureaus of Statistics. CMI measures production and structural changes of large-scale manufacturing industries

  • Agriculture in Pakistan Wikipedia

    Pakistan has also cut the use of dangerous pesticides dramatically. Pakistan is a net food exporter, except in occasional years when its harvest is adversely affected by droughts. Pakistan exports rice, cotton, fish, fruits (especially Oranges and Mangoes), and vegetables and imports vegetable oil, wheat, pulses and consumer foods.

  • Pakistan Economy, Politics and GDP Growth

    In brief. Pakistan entered its 22nd arrangement with the IMF in July, owing to its severe balance-of-payments difficulties. The combination of a heavier tax burden across the economy, weaker government spending on public services and tighter monetary policy will

  • List of Industries in India: Top, Small, Large Scale

    Complete list of Small & Large Scale industries in India. Get info on major, top & growing Indian industries, sectors with an analysis, growth rate, investment and industries trends.

  • Agriculture, Pakistan Agriculture, News, Opinions

    Pakistan earned $451m from fisheries products’ export in 2017-18; Team Pakissan November 13, 2017, 8:34 am November 13, 2017. CPEC, Opinions Local businesses lose big under CPEC Role of Women in Cottage Industry. January 22, 2019, 9:04 am January 22, 2019 498.

  • 50+ Best Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020

    7-11-2019· Are you looking for small business investment opportunities in Pakistan in 2020? Or you are willing to start a most profitable business in Pakistan with a very low investment? Here are the fifty best small business ideas in Pakistan with small investment you can start today. Please keep in mind that

  • Retail Industry in Pakistan Market Research &

    Download all the latest market reports you need on the Retail Industry in Pakistan. Click here to instantly access all the reports, in one place.

  • Pakistan: number of mobile subscribers 2004-2019

    3-7-2019· The statistic depicts the number of mobile/wireless subscribers in Pakistan from 2004 to 2019. As of May 2019, there were approximately 161.8 mobile subscribers in Pakistan, indicating an increase from 150.2 million in 2018

  • Information technology in India Wikipedia

    Information Technology in India is an industry consisting of two major components: IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO). The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017.

  • CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

    CPEC China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Official Website Develop By Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform CPEC Secretariat 'P' block Pak-Secretariat, Islamabad,Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity. CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have positive impact on Iran

  • Expanded Program on Immunization, Pakistan

    Help us create our new website Our new website makes information easier to find and understand. As we improve our information, we will add it to this website.


    Smart phone manufactures in Pakistan have meet with Secretary-IT. Great hope and dividends for local population. Facebook Team meets Secretary IT & Telecom to explore investment prospects. Good and encouraging meeting in National interest. Digital Vision being pursued ; Route to Digital Pakistan vision by the Prime Minister Office.

  • Environmental issues in Pakistan Wikipedia

    Environmental issues in Pakistan include deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, climate change, pesticide misuse, soil erosion, natural disasters and desertification. These are serious environmental problems that Pakistan is facing, and they are getting worse as the country's economy expands and the population grows.

  • Pakistan Wikipedia

    Pakistan has an installed capacity of 44,768,250 metric tons of cement and 42,636,428 metric tons of clinker. In 2012 and 2013, the cement industry in Pakistan became the most profitable sector of the economy. The textile industry has a pivotal position in the manufacturing sector of Pakistan.

  • 2017 Budget Highlights PwC

    w 2017 Budget Highlights 2 T he much anticipated first budget statement of the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government was finally presented to Parliament on 2 March 2017 under the theme “Sowing the seeds for growth and jobs”. The budget is anchored to the country’s medium term vision and priorities of Government, incorporates

  • Pakistan History, Culture, Geography and Climate

    In recent history, Pakistan has been inextricably linked in the world's view with the extremist movement of al Qaeda and with the Taliban, based in neighboring Afghanistan. The Pakistani government is in a delicate position, caught between various factions within

  • Overview of the Economy

    in 2017, Pakistan is projected to become the world’s 20 th largest economy by 2030 and 16 largest by 2050. Several other reputed international publications such as Bloomberg, Economist etc, have also acknowledged the impressive economic gains of Pakistan in the last four years. The accommodative monetary policy stance,

  • Pakistan Cement Production TRADING

    Looking forward, we estimate Cement Production in Pakistan to stand at 3250.00 in 12 months time. In the long-term, the Pakistan Cement Production is projected to trend around 3700.00 Thousands of Tonnes in 2020, according to our econometric models.

  • OEC Pakistan (PAK) Exports, Imports, and Trade

    Pakistan is the 68th largest export economy in the world and the 98th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2017, Pakistan exported $24.8B and imported $55.6B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $30.9B. In 2017 the GDP of Pakistan was $304B and its GDP per capita was $5.53k.

  • All Pakistan Cement Manufecturars Association

    APCMA is the apex body of the cement manufacturers of Pakistan. It is registered body under section 3 of the Trade Organization Ordinance 2007 wide license no 14, dated April 26, 2008 issued by